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Casa Perdido Vinegars

Bring a taste of the South right to your table.

Casa Perdido is proud to present these award-winning premium wine vinegars produced from locally-grown fruits and vegetables. We use a state of the art vinegar-making process where fruits and vegetables are fermented into wine and then re-fermented into our delicious wine vinegars. Create marinades, sauces, vinaigrettes, or try them in all of your favorite savory and salad recipes.

Did You Know...?

Medical research has long established the health benefits of foods containing antioxidants. Among the possible benefits are cancer prevention, decreased risk of heart attack and stroke, improved memory and slowing of other age-related conditions. Amazingly, some of the highest levels of antioxidants are found in the fruits at the heart of Casa Perdido vinegars. Grapes and blueberries are among the most beneficial with muscadines containing higher levels than other grape varieties.